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“Am I a sportsman, or a competitor?”

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Ferrari is a window into a complex, deeply private man and a chance for director Michael Mann to indulge in the intoxicating beauty and danger of high-speed auto racing. Italy, 1957: Enzo Ferrari (Adam Driver) is a man at a crossroads. His marriage to Laura (Penelope Cruz) is disintegrating, complicated by her also owning a controlling interest in the auto and racing business they built together. His mistress has delivered an ultimatum, and his industry competitors are outselling and outdriving him. Facing buyout or bankruptcy, Ferrari stakes everything on his racing team and one goal: winning the legendary cross-country Mille Miglia.

Official Selection

Venice Film Festival

“History has a way of separating the forgettable from the films that deserve to cross the finish line. This is one of the latter.”


“An electrifying ride”

The Telegraph UK

“Mann stages this story with a masterly intrigue rooted in a lavish authenticity”


“Elegant and restless, with a sense throughout that something horrific might be lurking around each corner”

New York Magazine

Why You Should See This Film

A perfume commercial gorgeous vision of mid-century Italia, all soft warm light and summery greens, suffused with the private passions and grief of deeply complicated families. Mann is having the time of his life playing with these beautiful shiny red coupes and Ferrari has some of his most wonderful (sometimes horrifying) kinetic action, but it's the moments of quiet and restraint that really linger. Cruz has perhaps never been in finer form than here as the brilliant, terrifying Laura Ferrari, a woman who burns with such passion that a toss of her hair or twitch of her hand reverberates like a shot.

Michael Mann
Adam Driver, Penelope Cruz, Shailene Woodley
130 minutes

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