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Sunday 10th March



Next door at The Clam

In the booth, ADRIANA is bound by nothing, coasting between traditional and contemporary sounds her sets are a sonic jaunt, touching down on all four corners of the globe on a rollercoaster that excites as much as it surprises. A favourite for dancers, ADRIANA has delivered famous sets at Freedom Time and a fabled Hopkins Creek which still echoes today as one of the most memorable d-floor moments in recent memory. Equally as popular amongst the heads, ADRIANA has been sought out for mixes from some of the globe’s most esteemed tastemakers with mixes for Planet Trip and Brilliant Corners. 

With unstoppable energy that radiates in any room, ADRIANA’S passion for the eclectic makes her one of the city’s finest and most down to Earth diggers. Expect a riot of genres, enthusiasm and curiosity, all delivered with smiles and an opa!


From 12pm Adriana will provide the soundtrack for The Clam’s first Dolmade Parde, a mezze of food, ouzo, wine and music hosted by The Clam’s chef and owner, David Moyle.

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“The good old days are now”
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