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Lorne Theatre
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Lorne, Victoria

Saturday 24th February



Next door at The Clam

ANDRAS is the stage name of Andrew Wilson (1988), an Australian musician who’s  earned acclaim for his unpredictable take on dance music. His soft focused  abstractions cut a broad path through ‘90s underground house, soundtrack and  ambient music. His work is loosely based around drum machine rhythms and soft  synthesis; smoothing over nature-machine and industrial-relaxation binaries and  enjoying the slippage.

The joint musical career of DJ PEOPLE, aka Chapter Music label gurus Ben O'Connor and Guy Blackman, straddles party sets at the Punters Club in the late 90s, a show on Triple R in the 00s and many fills since, and cosmic disco adventures at the Toff In Town until the late 2010s. They kept people dancing between bands at Meredith for 11 years, played All Tomorrows Parties, Daydreams, Camp Doogs, the NGV, and have supported the likes of Cat Power, Stereolab, Phoenix and Animal Collective.


DJ People: 6pm-9pm

András: 9pm-1am

plus Tavern Menu by David Moyle

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Next door at The Clam

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Sunday 10th March
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Saturday 24th February
Sweet Whirl

Next door at The Clam

Sweet Whirl at The Clam

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Next door at The Clam

Labor Day Weekend

Dolmade Parde with music by Adriana at The Clam

a mezze of food, ouzo, wine and music

“The good old days are now”
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