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Anatomy of a Fall


“I just want you to know that I'm not that monster.”



A tense, engrossing thriller, Anatomy of a Fall charts the private disintegration of a family made public through a dramatic murder trial. Acclaimed author Sandra (Sandra Hüller) faces a gruelling inquest after her husband is found dead outside their isolated chalet, revealing all the painfully intimate details of a failing marriage— rivalry, infidelity, and financial strain culminating in explosive arguments that have traumatised their young son, Daniel (Milo Machado Graner). Family friend and lawyer Vincent (Swann Arlaud) tries to balance his loyalty with growing suspicion and concern for the boy who may have been a witness, as each secret brought to light only seems to lead them further from the truth.

Winner - Palme d'Or

76th Cannes Film Festival

Nominated for 5 Academy Awards

Best Picture, Best Director (Justine Triet), Best Actress (Sandra Hüller), Best Original Screenplay, Best Editing

“A director and actress in peak form. Sandra Hüller is brilliant, sensational.”

The Hollywood Reporter

“As addicting as any true-crime story, and as riveting as some of the best murder mysteries.”

Screen Rant

Why You Should See This Film

Justine Triet (Sibyl) gives that elevated Palme d'Or winning shine to a deliciously true-crime-flavoured courtroom drama, asking us to reckon with just how much an outsider can truly know about a relationship or another person's motives. The lead role was written for Sandra Hüller and she absolutely relishes it in a compelling and nuanced portrayal of a complex woman whose career, sexuality and motherhood are being questioned along with her innocence. A mystery that deepens with every layer peeled away, Anatomy of a Fall resists easy answers while delivering a deeply satisfying view into the stories we tell ourselves.

Justine Triet
Sandra Hüller, Swann Arlaud, Milo Machado Graner
152 minutes
French, German, English

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