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By Golden Age
Established MCMXXXVII

Lorne Theatre
78 Mountjoy Parade
Lorne, Victoria

Long Hot Summer

Lorne Theatre has joined forced with our next-door neighbours, The Clam, to launch a series of free and ticketed live music, DJ and food experiences.

The event is made easy by Up and slinging The Gospel Whiskey - best served with company.

Saturday 24th February
Sweet Whirl

Next door at The Clam

Sweet Whirl at The Clam

Saturday 24th February

Next door at The Clam

András + DJ People at The Clam 

plus Tavern Menu by David Moyle

Saturday 2nd March
Darcy Justice

Next door at The Clam

Darcy Justice + Jack Danzey & Barry Sunset at The Clam

plus Seashells by the Seashore with Georgio Di Maria 

Sunday 10th March

Next door at The Clam

Labor Day Weekend

Dolmade Parde with music by Adriana at The Clam

a mezze of food, ouzo, wine and music

Sunday 10th March
Minami Deutsch

Live at Lorne Theatre

Minami Deutsch (Japan) + Leah Senior live at Lorne Theatre - ON SALE NOW

“The good old days are now”
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