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“You’re gonna need a bigger boat”

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Steven Spielberg’s monstrously successful 1975 film about a great white attacking beach goers in a U.S. resort town over the 4th of July summer holiday made millions of people scared to go in the water. It’s still effective nowadays, and the colours and characterisations excellently encapsulate the skepticism and fear of mid 70s post-Watergate America. Roy Scheider is great as father and local police chief Martin Brody. The other male leads are different but equally awesome, with Robert Shaw as no-nonsense, weather-beaten fisherman and ‘shark hunter’ Quint and Richard Dreyfuss at his most nasally-voiced and hyperactive as marine biologist Matt Hooper. If you want an action film that’s intelligent and funny without sacrificing on white knuckle thrills, this is the ultimate.

Why You Should See This Film

The original blockbuster, Jaws’ title, poster and music are all cultural touchstones, which, like a dozen lines of dialogue from the film, have been spoofed, referenced and homaged ad nauseum. Beyond that, it’s a really good film – suspenseful, thrilling and satisfying.

Steven Spielberg
Robert Duvall, Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw, Lorraine Gary
124 minutes

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