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“You have no power over me!”

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Babysitting is a bitch! While looking after her little brother Toby, a frustrated Sarah (Jennifer Connelly) makes a wish that goblins would take the baby away and whoosh, in swoops Jareth, King of the Goblins (David Bowie in ’80s hair metal attire). Jareth kidnaps the baby and tells Sarah she can only have the little bundle of joy back if she can solve his labyrinth in thirteen hours. If she fails, he'll stay with Jareth forever, forced into a life of contact juggling. Sarah befriends creatures and dwarves and battles all sorts of contraptions and monsters in an M.C Escher-like maze to get her little bro back.

Why You Should See This Film

Jim Henson’s always astounding puppet design and art direction? David Bowie with a 6-inch high teased mullet and frilly shirt? Bog of Eternal Stench? Kitsch? Nostalgia? It's a little bit rock opera and a little bit Muppet Show set in one of those alternate Conan universes (similar to the other Henson feature-length fantasy, Dark Crystal). The camp appeal is off the charts! A great one to revisit with a big audience.

Jim Henson
David Bowie, Jennifer Connelly
101 minutes

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