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Love Lies Bleeding


“I prefer to know my own strength.”

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Fresh from Sundance Film Festival, Love Lies Bleeding is a pulpy, toxic love-and-vengeance thriller from Rose Glass (Saint Maud) set in the desolation of late-80s rural New Mexico. When world-weary gym manager Lou (Kristen Stewart) meets ambitious body-builder Jackie (Katy O’Brian) they fall in love hard and fast— but nothing ever comes easy, least of all when you have a messy, entangled criminal family like Lou’s. Jackie’s dreams of competing in Vegas are jeopardised as buried grudges, past crimes and vendettas all bubble to the surface, putting her and Lou on a high-speed trajectory of heated romance and bone-crunching violence.

“Hot, nasty and mouth-wateringly disreputable, this is cinema with nothing to lose.”

The Telegraph UK

“An exhilarating experience that will make you groan, laugh, cringe, and swoon.”


“A movie that comes in hot and leaves in a molten blaze of glory.”

Rolling Stone

Why You Should See This Film

Glass has created something truly unique here with a hot-blooded hardbody noir that draws influence from John Waters and Jean Genet, taking wild swings between swooning fantasy and grounded, visceral body horror. Stewart and O’Brien have absolutely electric chemistry as the lovers desperate to get clear of the poisonous clutches of Lou’s family (led by a positively reptilian Ed Harris as her father, also named Lou), even as the lengths they’re willing to go to push the limits of “strong female characters” to hallucinatory heights.

Rose Glass
Kristen Stewart, Katy O’Brian, Ed Harris
104 minutes

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