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Muriel's Wedding


“Stick with me, ‘cause I'm wicked too”

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Muriel Heslop (Toni Collette) sits in her room in the small town of Porpoise Spit (Jewel of the North Coast) listening to ABBA songs for hours and dreaming of getting married. But no one in her life seems to believe she’ll ever make anything of herself – not her shallow group of ‘friends’, not her corrupt politician dad, not anyone. Until one day when she reconnects with an old high school acquaintance, Rhonda (Rachel Griffiths), during a holiday on Hibiscus Island and everything changes. Muriel and Rhonda move to Sydney together and Muriel – excuse, us – Mariel starts to reinvent her life to be just as good as an ABBA song.

30th anniversary

Why You Should See This Film

This is compulsory viewing for all Australians! Hilarious, at times melancholic and always authentically (sometimes cringingly) Aussie, Muriel’s Wedding is an iconic coming-of-age story about friendship, forging your own path and escaping your hometown bubble. It catapulted Collette and Griffiths onto the world stage after its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in 1994 (only a month after The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert!) and has cemented itself in our cultural lexicon with the classic quote, “you’re terrible Muriel.”

P. J. Hogan
Toni Collette, Rachel Griffiths, Bill Hunter
104 minutes

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