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Robot Dreams



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Dog, a lonely resident of 1980s New York City, needs a friend. So he orders one in the mail and builds it. Dog and his new companion, Robot, quickly become inseparable as they set off on misadventures around the city – from taking the subway to Chinatown to roller skating in Central Park, all to the tune of classic Earth, Wind & Fire tracks. But one day, Dog and Robot get separated at the beach. Devastated at the loss of his friend, Dog does everything in his power to get Robot back.

Nominee – Best Animated Feature

Academy Awards, 2024

“One of the loveliest movies that you will see this year, animated or otherwise.”

The Wrap

“Berger’s film delights in the kind of eccentric, incidental sights and sounds from which dreams — human, animal or android — can spring.”


Why You Should See This Film

Nominated for an Academy Award this year for Best Animated Feature, Robot Dreams is an irresistibly delightful and bittersweet ode to friendship. It’s completely dialogue-free so is suitable for kids of all ages, and parents will get a kick out of the meticulously detailed animation of the buzzy and vibrant Big Apple as well as the infectious disco soundtrack. Adapted from Sara Varon’s award-winning graphic novel, Robot Dreams is funny, tender and at times, disarmingly honest. Bring your best bud. 

Pablo Berger
Ivan Labanda, Albert Trifol Segarra, Rafa Calvo
102 minutes

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