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Roman Holiday


"We can't go running around town with a princess!"

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If we’ve learned anything from pop culture, it’s apparently very boring to be a princess. One of the most famous — and certainly the most well-attired — of the restless royals is Princess Anne (Audrey Hepburn) who rebels against her conservative, uptight clan while on a tour of Europe. Upon sneaking out, she finds her own footloose, fancy-free freedom on the streets of Rome, particularly when she meets a handsome American news reporter (Gregory Peck) who doesn’t know exactly who she is. However, when he’s assigned to cover the Princess Anne press conference, it’s only a matter of time. A true classic, this film sparkles a little more with each viewing — all breezy comedy and budding romance.

Why You Should See This Film

Filmed on location in Rome, this film takes in some of the most iconic landmarks of the city — with two of the most iconic Hollywood actors. Roman Holiday deservedly won three Academy Awards in 1953 for Best Actress, Best Costume Design (Edith Head’s really at her best here) and Best Motion Picture Story. Just don't put your hand inside the Bocca della Verità. Over 70 years on, it’s as charming as ever.

William Wyler
Audrey Hepburn, Gregory Peck
118 minutes

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