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Showing Up


“We’ve got different theories on cultural production, or he just doesn’t like me”

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Nominated for the Palme d'Or and named in Cahiers du Cinema's Top 10 of 2023, we're delighted to finally bring Kelly Reichardt's Showing Up to our cinema. Lizzy (Michelle Williams in her fourth collaboration with Reichardt) is a mid-career sculptor trying to juggle the demands of everyday life with the creative process as she prepares for the opening of a new gallery show. Meanwhile her landlord and artistic rival Jo (Hong Chau) seems to have time to do everything in the world but fix Lizzy's hot water, her cat has attacked a pigeon she now feels guiltily responsible for, and her family needs help with one crisis after another. Warm, witty and drily funny, Reichardt has delivered another beautifully observed ode to the pleasures and challenges of life and making art.

A quiet, candid, sharply conceived and imaginatively realised masterwork

The New Yorker

“A sublime character study, overflowing with humour and heart

The Hollywood Reporter

“A witty tale of creative rivalry...Reichardt is one of our best directors”

The Daily Telegraph

Why You Should See This Film

It's a pleasure to watch an actor and director who work as sympathetically together as Williams and Reichardt, and while this film is in a lighter, funnier mode than previous collaborations Meek's Cutoff and Wendy and Lucy it's no less affecting. Real life sculptor Cynthia Lahti, whose art features as the creative output Lizzy is trying so desperately to get back to, worked closely with Williams and it shows in beautifully realised sequences of just how painstaking the process of making art can be. This is a richly lived-in film, deeply relatable to anyone who wonders just how everyone else seems to find time to get everything done.

Kelly Reichardt
Michelle Williams, Hong Chau, André 3000
108 minutes

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