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The Graduate


"Would you like me to seduce you?"

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Fresh out of college and stuck in a summertime malaise, Benjamin Braddock (Dustin Hoffman) moves back in with his doting parents while working out his next step. When he drives the wife of his father's business partner home one night, Mrs Robinson (Anne Bancroft) famously seduces him with her smoky demeanour and leopard-print lingerie. That's until he meets her daughter Elaine (Katharine Ross) for the first time since high school and things truly begin to unravel.

Why You Should See This Film

Sun-soaked, tender and set to the music of Simon & Garfunkel, The Graduate is one of director Mike Nichols's very best. Anne Bancroft performs at the top of her game and Dustin Hoffman nails the trope of inexperienced 21-year-old doofus male. It's a near-perfect slice of late-'60s life.

Mike Nichols
Dustin Hoffman, Anne Bancroft, Katherine Ross
106 minutes

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