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The Road to Patagonia


"The greatest mistake of all would be to live in fear of making one."

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Ecologist Matty Hannon sets off on the solo adventure of a lifetime surfing the west coast of the Americas and travelling by motorbike – from the top of Alaska to the tip of Patagonia. However, fate has other plans for him, and deep in the wilderness, alone with the wolves and bears, Matty’s plans unexpectedly fall to pieces. Just before calling it quits and going home defeated, Matty meets the woman of his dreams, a permaculture farmer named Heather Hillier, who throws caution to the wind and sells her urban-farm to buy a bike of her own and join Matty on his trip. Together riding south, the duo meet with Zapatista rebels, Amazonian shamans and Mapuche leaders whose salient words crack the adventurers’ cultural veneer, leaving them with existential questions.

Winner – Best Film and Best Documentary

Byron Bay International Film Festival

Winner – Audience Choice Award

Florida Surf Film Festival

Winner – Audience Choice Award

Melbourne Documentary Film Festival

“It’s just beautiful. Congratulations. I was completely swept up and wouldn’t change a thing. Thanks for inviting me to witness your wonderful story. Bravo!”

Damon Gameau (Writer and director of That Sugar Film, 2040)

Why You Should See This Film

This 50,000km surfing odyssey was shot over 16 years, resulting in an adventurous exposé on the Earth and our collective impact on the planet, especially through western ideals that have positioned humans as superior to the natural world. Hannon and Hillier capture deeply vulnerable moments alongside breathtaking landscapes during their world-first expedition. Their adventure trip morphs into a physical and spiritual odyssey to better understand our place in Nature.

Matty Hannon
Matty Hannon, Heather Hillier
90 minutes
“The good old days are now”
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