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The Wizard of Oz


“I'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too!”

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Click your heels together three times and settle in for the most glorious film to ever grace the silver screen. Lions and tigers and bears and… your little dog too. Oh my. A tale of friendship and family and what’s really important (mutual support, ruby slippers etc.), The Wizard of Oz stars ruby-cheeked icon Judy Garland as Dorothy Gale, the pluckiest girl in a pinafore. Swept up by an unexpected tornado in her Kansas hometown and carried somewhere far over the rainbow, she’s forced to reckon with flying monkeys, warmhearted new friends and a bevy of local witches who encompass the entire spectrum of morality.

Why You Should See This Film

According to the Library of Congress, musical fantasy classic The Wizard of Oz is the most-viewed motion picture in television syndication history. So, yes, you’ve likely seen it on the living room telly. But have you seen it on the glorious big screen? There’s simply nothing like it. And if you think you’re too cool for the Technicolor classic, then just know that even the Pope of Trash John Waters is “completely obsessed” with it. But that should come as no surprise given all the malevolent witchery, OTT costuming and camp Cowardly Lion characterisation contained within.

Victor Fleming
Judy Garland, Margaret Hamilton, Ray Bolger
102 minutes

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