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To Catch a Thief


"The cat has a new kitten."

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Cary Grant plays John Robie, a retired cat burglar whose talent was once so well-known that people called him 'The Cat'. When John gave up that gig he went respectable by buying a vineyard on the French Riviera. But when a new burglar starts lifting jewels off the local tourists, police suspect The Cat is up to his old tricks. On the run from the law, John reunites with some old criminal cronies and meets some new ones, determined to catch the new thief and prove his innocence all while experiencing a few fireworks with the sassy Frances (the ever-elegant Grace Kelly).

Why You Should See This Film

Cinematographer Robert Burks received an Academy Award for how he framed the stunning French Riviera (the film was also nominated for Art Direction and Edith Head's costume design). To Catch A Thief is a fun and glamorous classic, with snappy dialogue and terrific chemistry between the two leads. Hitchcock's camera loved both Cary Grant (Suspicion, Notorious, North by Northwest) and Grace Kelly (Dial M for Murder, Rear Window), yet this is the only film that features the two together.

Alfred Hitchcock
Cary Grant, Grace Kelly, Brigitte Auber
107 minutes

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